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Sung Lee AKA: @SungBeats

Illusion Apparel:
What’s your favorite thing about beat boxing?
SungBeats: My favorite thing about beat boxing is that its one of the most
raw forms of musical expression. I love the fact that I can make music
organically using just my voice and a loop station, but no additional

IA: How long have you been beat boxing?
SB: I have been beat boxing for a total of 16 years.

IA: How did you get started?
SB: I first discovered beat boxing through a random YouTube video
when I was 13. I have been completely immersed in the craft ever since. I
was definitely not the most talented initially, but the passion and dedication
for the art has allowed me to reach levels of skill that I did not think were

IA: Who or what are your current inspirations and why?
SB: My current inspirations consist of beat boxing legends such as
Rahzel, Faith SFX, and Doug E. Fresh, who have pioneered the art form
and paved the way for me. My inspiration in life would have to be my Dad,
who actually encouraged me to quit my job and pursue music back in 2014.

IA: What are your other interests?
SB: Aside from beat boxing, I like to watch and play sports like
tennis, and I’m a huge Roger Federer fan.

IA: What advice do you have for others who want to get
started with beat boxing?
SB: My advice to others who want to get started with becoming an
entertainer, is to get tons of experience performing in front of strangers, not
friends. The more you put yourself out there, the sooner you will know if
you have what it takes.

IA: What was your best moment / most memorable event in
your craft as a beat boxer?
SB: My most memorable event was performing at the world famous
Apollo Theater back in 2014 and winning the grand prize.

IA: How do you define the word ‘illusion’?
SB: “Illusion” to me means witnessing something that is too good to
be true. Its about turning the impossible into a reality.

IA: How do you break illusions in your craft?
SB: I break illusions in my craft by shaping and molding the sound
of the human voice and turning them into real music. Music that people can
vibe and dance to.

IA: Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans and followers?
SB: I chose this unconventional career path because I understood
that happiness is more important than money or financial stability. I’m a firm
believer that we should all be spending more time doing the things we love
in this life, because we only have one at-bat.

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