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Award winning beatboxer and live vocal looping-artist, Sung Lee took time out of his busy schedule to share his passions with Illusion Apparel. Nationally known as a professional beatboxing performer and competitor, Lee tells us that his inspiration was his father, who encouraged him to follow his dreams as an entertainer. SungBeats looks up to beatboxing legends like Rahzel, Faith SFX and Doug E. Fresh. 
K.I.D. (Killin' it Daily) Enzo has been dancing and playing music for over 15 years. Transplanted in the city of angels and originally from New Jersey, Enzo is known on the net as a sax playing bboy. You can usually find Enzo bumpin tunes out of his sax in front of a vibrant background while someone is dancing; or doing some head spins and showing off some real footwork while others are playing live beats.
We had the opportunity to sit down with talented drummer, Nathan Taitano. Taitano hails from Guam, and earned his first seat in a band at the young age of 13 years. During his 20 years of drumming, he has had opportunities that most musicians can only dream of; playing on some of the largest stages in the world and playing music amongst bands he admires. Taitano states that he breaks illusions by reminding himself that his primary reasons to play music is to serve others with his talents. His best advice? It's simple. "Just do it."
Fausto Castellanos is a Southern California Native who has battled drug and alcohol addiction and has met peace with himself through jump roping. He has since overcome addiction and has become known on social media as the "Spiritual Jumproper" and a "Jumproping Magician". This interview is an excerpt of Illusion Apparel's interview with SoberFaust.
We sat down with 4 time nominee, and 2 time SOVAS (Society of Voice Arts & Sciences) winner, Kabir Singh. Singh is the owner of KabirsVoice Inc. and is a rising star in the voice acting industry. His passions and talent lies in poetry that speak from his soul and penetrates his readers' hearts and minds. Kabir enjoys raveling to places where he can connect to his own spirit which he attributes to, in his successes.
We sat down with internationally known competitor and performer, Kareem Gwinn. Gwinn hails from Sacramento, California, and has travelled the world through his talents.  He shares his perspectives through his journey, in the lens of a professional breakdancer. He is mostly known in the industry as an officially sponsored dancer of Monster Energy Drink.
We sat down with Johnjo Riguera, known as "Johnjo_Jumps"on his rising fame on his social media pages. He talk about his inspirations, motivations and how he's become the rising star in jump roping today.
We had the opportunity to sit down with San Diego native dancer and DJ, Nico Castro. Also known as 'NicoSpins' to his fans, he shares with us his journey through his dancing and DJ career. Read on to learn more about what inspires this competitive rising social media star.
After having the chance to meet and speak to Jeremy Cheung, we were floored by his inspirations and gateway into breakdancing. BboyGermy discusses his childhood and background in martial arts. He considers his craft to be 'movement'.