A Message from the Founder:

What you see is a direct reflection of what you think about.
What you wear represents your identity. 

Illusion Apparel Co. is Streetwear for the Conscious-Minded Urban Dwellers.
Each piece is designed with the 'urban hippie' in mind, with a little bit of consciousness embedded into each thread.  

A few years ago,  I went on a journey to discover myself and my ‘purpose in life’, I realized that life happens ‘through’ me and not ‘to’ me. I found that my spirit and soul are one with the universe, and my body is just what carries out what I put into my mind -- My beliefs. 

The more I researched this, the more it resonated.
Through meditation, I started envisioning what I wanted and saw that I really am able to manifest anything that I truly desire. 

Everything I learned resonated except one element: 
The people who shared these beliefs and teachings didn’t look or dress like me.

I grew up in the beautiful City of Angels; known to be one of world’s fashion capitals, namely streetwear. I didn’t believe that I needed to compromise my style of dress to represent my new found beliefs. After all, style is just as crucial an element to identity, as one's beliefs.

It's this philosophy that inspired me to create Illusion Apparel Co.
I am not alone in understanding that we are part of something much bigger and higher than us.
I created Illusion Apparel to represent those who are Aware. 

Illusion Apparel stands for You: A unique individual who has shifted their mentality and spirituality to understand that the universe has your back on any challenge. The one that realizes their truest potential through breaking through any limited beliefs (aka: illusions).

Our threads were created to represent who you truly are on the universal plane.  

Thank you for your support, and for ALWAYS seeking to become your True & Limitless self. 


- Naru K. 
Founder of Illusion Apparel Co.