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Kabir Singh AKA: @Kabirsvoice

Illusion Apparel:
What’s your favorite thing about your craft?
Kabir Singh: The ability to speak to myself and learn about myself through my art is exponentially increased. I get to learn about my work ethic, my driving force, my failings as well as my successes. All because I pursue my craft daily.

IA: How long have you been working on your craft?
KS: 8 years for voice acting and 20 years or more for poetry. I act daily. But poetry is special. It’s not something I work on daily or pressure myself to. I dance with poetry delicately.

IA: How did you get started?
KS: Poetry was my only friend. It was my way in communicating human emotions truthfully. I got started with pen, paper and a sad childhood story. Voice acting was more of a science to me. I methodically learned its techniques before traveling the journey of success.

IA: Who or what are your current inspirations?
KS: Life is my inspiration. I cannot pinpoint a specific entity. I find inspiration in the people around me. My sisters, my mom and close friends. I’ve been inspired by Joe Rogan for his infectious curiosity. I’ve been inspired by favorite book Siddhartha for its teachings of the ego.

IA: What are your other interests?
KS: I love lost adventures. Things like hiking in remote areas, experiencing odd cultures and rituals. I also like creative workouts. Creating my own unique ways of manipulating my body during physical pursuits. It’s a long journey but I travel it happily.

IA: What advice do you have for others who want to pursue voice acting and/ poetry? 
Always keep it true to yourself- first. You have to be real about your goals, intentions and setbacks. Find that balance of being positive and negative in the pursuit. If it is something you cannot let go of- die with it by your side and never let it go. For me- its poetry.

IA: What was your memorable event in your craft? 
KS: Doing an Apple commercial in front of 30-50 people while creating a poem on the spot. I’ve never felt so “respected” as a poet.

IA:  How do you define ‘illusion’?
KS: The mirror shows me an illusion daily. I look at it, I smile, I cry and then I keep it pushing. The Maya is everything. Internal and external.

IA: How do you break illusions in your craft?
KS: I stay only in the moment. Most of my writing is freestyle. If I stay floating on the comforts of illusion, I will lose my moment. The moment is my truth and that truth is my art.

IA: Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans? 
KS: We are all products of our conditions. But conditions can change, and one must willingly or by force, embrace those changes. If you want to break your own limitations- look in the mirror, see the illusion, break the fucking mirror into pieces, and then diligently with love, pick each piece up and put it back together.

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